Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Today is Tuesday


Today is Tuesday, also known as "Not Monday". Yesterday was fast paced, and going good, though busy...until a guy friend of mine forgot to be conscious of my feminine ego.

So, I email him and mention a lady's name whom I know he was gaga over (he's happily married, but still merely a man). And, I joked with him, pointing out his disability when it came to interacting with said female.

Hah hah, laughs, funniness...okay, moving on.

Oh, but no, what does he do but not only harmlessly agree? He goes into what a great looker she is, and how great she is and how lucky her fiancee is to have caught her.

So, I don't talk to him anymore.



But, seriously, I'm such a mess right now that that actually hurt my feelings a little. I'm like, "well, hey, I'm not so bad, over here." Then my head left work and went into the land of pity, and watched movies showing what I lacked and the desires that hadn't been met and all that crap. I mean, I really was soaking up the sun on pity beach, and swam around in the deeply retarded sea.

So, where's my head at today? Remembering that I can choose to make myself miserable or not. That making up problems for myself will only pull my focus away from anything productive.

And, yes, I am looking in the mirror as I recite these things.

Because I'm good enough, I'm smart enough...and gosh darn it -- people like me.


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