Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The straw...

I'm having a moment.

You know those moments when all the little challenges that are piling up affect you more than they should?

I have to order supplies for my department. Some of them are big supplies, like computer monitors...but they've been no problem to order, until now.

Now, there's some mysterious reason why I have to go through a hundred million steps to complete a task that should have already been completed.

And, I'm so frustrated that these changes are affecting me, and that I have no affect, no power to do anything but go along with it.

It's something really so little. Especially when I write it down.

But, I think that no one likes to be in the dark and powerless.

Maybe it's that feeling that's not so little. That seems so overwhelming.

But, I feel much better now. (a la the long running t.v. series: "Night Court")

I wonder if God gets frustrated, is He ever near tears? Does God cry? Having given us free will, when we choose to live our life apart from Him, does he feel powerless? Angry?

He loves us deeply, beyond measure; so then, how much hurt do we cause when we reject Him?


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