Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Why am I So Wise?

Went hiking all on my lonesome this past Sunday (it being Tuesday, now). In black and white (or burgundy and brown, depending on the color I choose for the text) that looks so pitiful. But, it wasn’t. There are few people I’d rather spend my time with.

So, anyway, I laid down on a rock. And, you should’ve seen this rock; I think it was carved for a body. My body, maybe. One day I’m going to cart it away from its little space, depriving my skittish lizard friend its home. And, then I’ll drop the rock in the middle of my living room and lie on it.

But staring at a ceiling wouldn’t be nearly as affecting. Maybe I’ll leave it where it is. I’ll bring the living room to the rock, instead.

Looking up the sky was actually blue. Azure. The ocean was above me, that day. And the thickest, most unbelievably fluffy white balls of cotton were stuck on that amazing surface. Peering through the thin tree limbs, and then making them part of the picture, was pretty cool. I could hear the bugs' wings buzzing. I'm sure there were birds, too. I listened to the water rush by somewhere further up the trail. And, I thought, "What a great moment for deep thoughts and wonderful realizations." Or, maybe just to take a minute and slow down, which is what I got out of it at that particular time. I got up feeling good, thinking that there's always a next time for intelligent internal conversation. Maybe next time.

So, I’m finding my voice. Please bear with me as I shift from a funky take-no-shit-nor-prisoners old woman to lyrical, yoda-like, prose-forming hippie. I think where I’m coming from is somewhere between those two places. Just a matter of finding my balance, I s’pose.

Right now, I leave you with my new favorite spot: Launch . Yahoo!’s music site that allows moi to build her own customizable radio station. Yippee!! Currently playing: Duran Duran's, "Night Boat." Before that Van Hunt's "Hold My Hand" and before that Jeff Buckley's, "Opened Once," from the CD "Sketches for my Sweetheart the Drunk". A CD that will likely soon fall into my eager hands.

Till we meet again, yaw'll.

Sunday, March 13, 2005


I'm back. I'm here to remind you and myself that I exist, am alive and kicking.

So, wasup?

I saw, "Diary of a Mad Black Woman," yesterday. Good, good, good. I was laughing out loud and tearing up at the same time. And, no...I wasn't the only one. There were even quite a few male attendees. Probably under the urgings of their significants...at least that's what they'll tell ya'.

Anyways, I was really impressed with the film. I was kind of expecting it to be overrun with the buffoonery that dominates the few black films that are picked up by major studios. Oh, but no. Well, there was silliness, and craziness. But, it was only a portion. Like that goofy part of your personality that only serves to balance you out, you know?

But, what really thrilled me and intrigued me and, well, awed me was its unabashed discussion of God, the Bible, Jesus, the Word, a Christian walk. I mean, this is primetime, baby! This is dollars being put up and risked and all that. These are the years of no risks, mainstream, comformists.

What the hell?! How dare someone be so bold about Christianity being not a bad thing? Not an evil thing? Not a shameful thing?

Wow. Thoroughly impressed.

Next up: Constantine

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

It's Good to Share


It's a shame what years of smoking will reduce a man to.