Friday, February 04, 2005

You Down With C.O.D.?

Did I mention my car breaking down?

Well, Hallelujah and Praise the Lord (not said in an ironic tone)! But, I’m picking up my car today, baby. Oooh, yeah. I’ll be rattling down the road and side streets in a matter of hours.

It’s been ready since this past Saturday (derisive laughter inserted here). But, I had to wait for my paycheck today, Friday. The really humorous part? I’ve been taking the bus this whole week. And, my stop is situated right in front of the auto repair building that my little functional vehicle sits in. Hah! Tell me that’s not the making of a great scene in a sitcom. All it needs is for the auto place’s staff to have put the car out in the lot for me to gaze at longingly as I board and roll away on my public wheels.

Sure, it’d piss me off. But, oddly enough, I think I’d look back and appreciate the humor. Or maybe not. I’m happy enough not to find out.

Anywhoosier, ahem- Yay! Picking up car! Having nothing to do with it, but at least if something spectacular should occur, like some glam part-ay or something, I can say, “Damn Skippy, I’m with it!” (because I say that, like, ALL the time), without the additional phrase I’ve loathed to become accustomed to: “But, I’m gonna need a ride.” Imagine me picking my nose as I say that…because that’s about as retarded as I feel then.


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