Thursday, February 10, 2005

Singles Awareness Day

Okay, why did I just see that that spells “SAD?”

Thanks Ryan Seacrest.

I still love ya’, though.

Anyway, Valentine’s Day is coming up. What brought that to mind is the fact that tonight I will be attending the premiere of a short student film. About a year ago I’d worked on the project for two weeks as a PA (production assistant: think grunt…for FREE! Please. I know. But, my insanity is another topic.)

So, I’m just a little…hmm…embarrassed to be showing up with my one good friend in LA as a date. Don’t get me wrong. I wuv the girl. But, I’d wuv her a little more if she were a striking guy that I could rub in the faces of all the other striking (and not so striking) fellows that will be in attendance.

Why? I don’t want to say. Okay, I’ll say, because if anyone is reading this, you don’t know me. And, I'm sure that fact haunts your every waking moment.

So. I had the teensiest little crush on this one guy. And, so I ended up with the teensiest bit of egg on my face (eeww, dirty thought. It was “egg” people. Egg, as in humble pie and humiliation. Thank you.)

It’d be nice to roll up in there with my arm held closely within that of a beautimous de-lovely. Proving that I am not a social retard, and ooooh, weren’t you wrong for thinking/saying things that would indicate otherwise?

As you can see I refuse to go into detail.

Any “de-lovelies” in the house?


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