Monday, February 07, 2005

Reason for Anonymity

I mentioned this blog to a friend. Une amie. Un amiga. Compadrie. Comrade...yeah. So, she asked for the link to this little site and I said, "no" and my reasoning was given is such a fumbling manner, I'm sure it came out horribly.

Basically, this is my place to spout off, to say whatever without repercussions in the world outside of cyberspace. When I started this little journey I thought I'd be saying all manner of crude and foul things. Things that pop up in my head and that make me smile wickedly but that rarely make it past my lips.

But, the things that make it onto this page aren't nearly as condemning as I would have suspected. So, really, there's no reason not to share my blog with a few others who will, of course, become loyal fans. But, then, I'm beginning to think that sometimes it's good to have a little world of your own. A little piece of something that is not connected to the everyday of your life.

It's a theory that I'm working on. I'll alert the media once I'm done.

p.s. if you'd like to see my previous attempts at foul and crude,
be my guest. It's all bullshit, though. Bravado, that is. Knaamean?!

Actually, I just reread that post. And,I like it. Had me laughing. From this point on (Feb 10th), it's all about the bravado, baby! I'm kicking a#$ and taking n#$meS.

Social commentary, witty observations, a devil-may-care (also known as "cavalier") attitude... That will be the order of the day, my friends.

Be on guard. Be aware. Bravado. Brash.

Damn, that's just too much pressure.



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