Sunday, February 13, 2005


My Auditory Preciousessss

Me Wants:

John Legend: "Get Lifted"
Jill Scott: "Beautifully Human" feat. the songs, "Golden" and "Whatever, Whatever"
Joe Jackson: "Best of..." feat. the song "Steppin' Out"
French Kiss sdtrk
Pheonix: "Alphabetical" feat. the song "Run, Run, Run"
Muddy Waters: "at Newport"
Anthony Hamilton
Badly Drawn Boy: "The Hour of Bewilderbeast" feat. the song "Shining"
Layla Hathaway's version of "Forever, For Always, For Love"
Res: "How I Do"
Anthony David: "Three Chords and the Truth"

Me Must Check Out:

Breaking Benjamin: "We Are Not Alone"

Me Haves and Me Likey:

Ron Sexsmith: "Retriever" –the CD that would happen if Van Morrison, Bill Withers and the Beatles had an unpretentious baby boy
Van Hunt: "Van Hunt"—when Prince meets Stevie (Wonder) in one of those smokey, low-lit, groovy, cafes with couches. “What Can I Say”
Jeff Buckley: "Grace"– haunting beauty, strength and hope busting through a sense of frustration and confusion. Gulp down “Lilac Wine” and let “Corpus Christi Carol” send you drifting.


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