Friday, February 04, 2005

Johnny D-Light

I was reading an article of an interview of Johnny Depp. The beautiful, eternally lick-worthy man. And, the phrase that stuck out during the first few paragraphs is one that’s familiar to most. His two-second therapy mantra: “Fuck it.”

Love it.
Live it…?

Hmmm, maybe not. But, something about the remainder of the article (or at least that which I read before I had to return from my thirty minute lunch) struck a chord. He purposely rebels. I mean by living a life meant to piss people off or to “Rage against the Machine,” so to speak, he’s letting the industry manipulate his actions anyway. Or, maybe that’s the wrong word. I’m known to do that.

Affecting?—no. The industry is still INFLUENCING (!) his career choices. Guess it doesn’t matter. He’s still rich and looks to be on a pretty happy path.


Fuck it.

But, that whole bit wasn’t my original point. Part of the point was that maybe it takes getting to the point where you not only say, “Okay, whatever happens, happens. I’m just gonna live and try my best to be happy and not hurt anyone else in the process.” To not only say that but to also believe it to the point of letting it affect your view of things and thus your reactions to these…things.


My other point is that the article started including paragraphs of random personal facts about mr. Johnny D. and, dammit, how could a girl like him even more? ~sigh~

He’s so beeeyooouuu-T-full. Paradis didn’t understand him buying an island. But, I do, Johnny. I swear I do.


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