Friday, February 18, 2005

Gypsy's masks (working title)

I’m considering a bum’s life. No, that is not a cartoon or animated film. It’s a decision to live with minimal money, enjoying the small things that make you happy. Like knitting. I don’t knit. But, maybe I would like it.

I'll do so while sitting on my pile of suitcases on the side of some road, it’s a sunny day, maybe my umbrella is up to shield me from the rays. There’s a little breeze caressing my sleeveless arms and playfully pawing at the hem of my comfy, long, thin skirts.

It’d be nice to just do the things that make you a little happy. That bring you peace, at least for moments. Those moments making you feel good about the moments that follow.

I just got my IRS check. I’m supposed to pay them back some of that money because of a mistake I’d made. What if I didn’t? What if I ran and ran and knitted and read and collected music and met people and lived the life of a gypsy?

Let me believe that I’ll give in to this temptation.


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