Monday, February 28, 2005

Damn, I'm sexy

My roommate and I were on our way to the movies. I was driving while she spoke on the phone with this guy she'd met a little while ago. I could hear him all the way over from where sat. So, I listened as he asked the age old questions: "Why are we here?" "What is Life?" "Is your roommate hot?"

To the latter my roomie graciously replied, "Damn skippy!" (or some variation thereof).

So, he wanted to talk to me (I suppose to answer at least one of three aforementioned ponderances). My roomie hands the phone over and I greet him in the most rediculous mockery of sexy voices.

Soon, the words, "You're turning me on," were uttered. And, not by me. Nor my roommate. My reply was some smart-ass insult. And, he loved it. He lapped it up. And, was doing so even as I threatened to hand him back to his friend (my roomie).

"But, we're friends, now," he cooed.

"Are we? Well, nice to get acquainted with you, friend."

"You've just got a big ol' kool aid smile on your face right now, don't you?" he smoozed.

"Yep," I agreed. "But, then, I always do," I amended, handing the phone over to my laughing housemate.

That part of the convo was funny considering that it was prefaced by me laughing at him to his face and being as sarcastic as I try not to be on a usual basis.

And, now, I'm a babe.

Yep. I'm slowly learning that the way to a guy's heart is not through the stomach, but through a swift kick in the ass.

As the old phrase goes: "Abuse makes their heart grow fonder."


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