Thursday, December 09, 2004

There's no place like home

So I’m back…buh-buh-back…buh-buh-bah-bah-bizzack, YO!?

Why am I so chipper today? When just yesterday I was having one of my loathsome lonely loner funks?

Who can say?

Maybe the answers are all in the quiz I took today which told me that I’m schizo; I scored very high in that court. As well as in Paranoia, Avoidance and Narcissm. Sounds all yummy and warm, don’t it? Like a well seasoned soup.

Course, it’s one whose taste should make me gag, but true to form, I’ve decided to ignore the damn thing, because it really is just a stupid quiz and its creators are obviously out to get me.

The Commies.

So, anyway, remember that roommate that I vowed never to mention again? Well, I meant unless I have nothing else going on in my life to talk about:

So, anyway, I found out she’s a nut. And, my landlord, who chose to rent out the room to her and who doesn’t have to live with her will not throw her nutty ass out the house! He called her crazy the other day, but then says to me, “Well, you gotta learn how to deal with people like that.” or “She’ll have to calm down eventually,” or , “I just know that if we get one more person in the house (making three) that it will change the whole dynamics.”

Yeah, those reasonings will sit well with me as I either (a) lie in my coffin or (b) lie on the top bunk of my cell, batting away Big Cindy’s questing hands.

Dammit, if someone that loony and childish were living under his roof, was not family and was nothing more than a renter she’d be gone, I know it.

But they aren’t, and because of it the other two factors don’t mean a dang-on thing.

I need my own place.

I need money.

I’m gaining on each…but it seems a long, and precarious road.


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