Friday, December 03, 2004

And then...

So, it's been a minute...or a month. I always get those two things mixed up. Updates:

1) Well, I got that novel finished and in the nick of time to complete the NaNoWriMo 30 Novel challenge!! A-woo hoo, a-woo hoo! (Uhm, have not updated the blog there, so don't bother using this link to check out the uncompleted version.)

2)I've signed up for a college course that will begin early next year. This class will actually be fun (as opposed to the majority of courses I took when I originally went to college--actually, I just said that because I wanted you to know that I already went to college and am, thus, a college grad with all the esteem and little of the money that was promised to us in highshool. Aren't I smart? And, so not bitter!)

3)Hmmmm....3....oh, my evil roommate is still in the house. That relationship is coming along swimmingly, if in "swimmingly" one means that if we were to go swimming together it's pretty much a guarantee that one of us would not be crawling their exhausted, beaten body back up onto the beach.

4)I lost a library book! And, I don't want to pay. Is that bad? *shrug* I will pay, eventually. I'm trying to reduce debt, not incur the wrath of the book gods over it. (I know that there are no book gods. I am not a heathen...I just play one sometimes...for kicks and grins.)

5)My latest musical discovery is Ron Sexsmith. He has a simple delivery like that of Van Morrison, a clear and soft voice that lately has reminded me of Aaron Neville and his music is similar to the Beatles in style.

Funny enough, I consider myself a fan of only 1 of the three acts that were mentioned. Guess, guess. Oooh, I know! But, I won't tell. And, you'll never guess.

That's it. I'm going home for Christmas. And, of course the corresponding song pops to mind. I love holiday music. Who cares if it's May?

If I think of something else to say before my time on the library's computer runs out I'll add it.

Till then,

see ya in another minute...or so.


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