Friday, October 08, 2004

Today's Top Ten


(1) AAA
Goals: renew membership that expires tomorrow.
(2) Budget
Goals: Establish a reasonable financial plan that will make me successful in obtaining my goals.
(3) Glasses
Goals: to see.
(4) Call G-mother (before 10pm, her time)
(5) Call Nicci (before 10pm, her time)
(6) Ralphs/Groceries?

Number 1 is kilt! You hear me? I obliterated that task at approximately one-oh-something o’ clock today at the AAA office.

~Exhales deeply~

There, that’s better.

I’ll start working on two after this post. My glasses. I don’t like the local optometrist I’ve found here. Okay, so I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to eyeware, but I like a little service with a personal touch, okay?! Who ever thought the clinical, cold and unidentifiable look was "in" was very wrong. But, the fact is that I cannot afford to wait until I go home so that I can go to my beloved EyeCare Optical. Anyway, the operator couldn’t find their number when I searched for them last week. They may have gone out of business.

It seems that the personal touch may not be profitable.

Go Walmart.

As far as my personal calls: I haven’t been keeping up with--as the kids say-- “my peeps, yo.”

So, Grammy, I’ll call and say “howdy” to.

A couple of weeks ago Nicci, whom I speak with every five or six months, called and left me a happy birthday message. Procrastination has held my phone hand at bay. But, I should return that call. I’ll do what I usually end up doing and leave a stream of consciousness message that I end up embarrassed about well before I hang up.

Go Walmart.

Why does that make me laugh?


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