Thursday, October 07, 2004

This is Honeycomb

Chinese astrology--which I looked up today and will probably quote for the rest of my life (can we say "addictive personality?")-- says that Horses have a bit of an inferiority complex. Well, of course I wouldn't know. But, you know, if I did know I might be inclined to agree.

There was so much I'd planned to say on this post. Like,

I hate SUV's and the midget women that drive them.

I don't want to have kids, but a song I heard today might be the closest thing to ever make me truly reconsider. I cried. You should have seen me. One hand swiping the tears away from my face, the other on the wheel as I switched lanes on the highway. I laughed at myself.

About how some people's faces are just built to look mean, even if they, as people, are not. This old man was crossing the parking lot and he had the evilest, scrunched up look on his face as I drove past him. He probably takes his teeth out to scare his grandkids into a teary fit. Then, he'd laugh and hug them till they stopped crying.

I was gonna write about my Bagua class, because I think it's cool and that it makes me look pretty cool to be learning it. It's a type of martial arts. All twisting and footwork. Really neat. Featured in the movie, "The One". I am a novice, but am taking the offence against my horse-like tendencies and have committed to stick it out.

But, I think I'll just say that it's okay if I'm not always the nicest person, and if I give in to being a little...uhm...well...vindictive. I can't be an angel all the time; The wings itch. And, sometimes my head gets to big for the halo.

But, you know, that's all okay. Because, I enjoy singing. When I sing--when I'm digging a song and just letting my voice soar with it I just know that I'm making withdrawls from a natural well of good stuff. Like what I've got is gonna be heaven for somebody to swim in and to lose themselves in. And, that that somebody would provide the same sanctuary for me.

And, that applies for all types of relationships, including the romantic side. Though, I don't feel like analyzing the romantical (I know that that is not a word) side of it. I'll save that for another post. You can blame Dom for the diversion, though.

Numbers 3 & 4. Done and Done.


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