Thursday, October 14, 2004

Temp Betta Have my Money!

Despite my good upbringing, I think I've been tricked into tricking.

I'm a ho. Apparently.

At least that how you're treated, working under a temp agency. You become the office bitch. Sure, you might enter under the guise of one or two set duties. Under the eye of one supervisor. But, soon, every other person and peon learns that you’re a gun for hire.

And, that’s when the shit comes rolling down.

Imagine your temp representative with a fly, fur trimmed coat atop a burgundy, shiny silk two-piece. Fish swimming in their shoes and a feather adorning their wide-brimmed hat.

So don’t let the heels or air of respectability fool you, ladies and gents; There’s a bitch-slap waiting behind their pearly-white smiles. You best learn how to duck and weave.

Duck and weave.


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