Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Soul Good.

It does rain in Southern California. And, during the work week, at that. It’s a gray day, I’m feeling kinda blah.

I wish my mom were here. I need a hug. I need to know that someone cares that I’m sick and confused and frustrated and hopeful and just one of those crazy mixed-up kids playing “adult”. And, that I don’t feel like participating in that game today.

Course, I don’t think I’ve ever felt like playing. Who volunteered me? God, why do we have to grow up?

Why not? is the resulting answer.

Because independence sucks, sometimes. That’s why not.

Anyway, Let us move on.

Listening to love songs/slow mo’ music. I’m sure that’s not helping. But, maybe it does help to play music that reflects what’s in your soul.

Genuine’s “So Anxious,” filling my eardrums, right now.

Preceded by The Isley Bro.’ “Livin’ for the Love of You.”

I’m looking good: “When you feel your worst, look your best.”

Blue pinstriped slacks, pink sleeveless (yes, it is raining, but it’s California, people. I’m allowed to wear white after Labor day…I can get a ticket for jaywalking..anything goes in this wonderfully wacko wonderland.) My ensemble is accented with a black and pink choker of my own creation and some large dangly earrings that aren’t my norm, but sure do add the necessary edge to my look.

Surely, In Style magazine will be calling me at some point during the day. I may allow them the coveted interview regarding my fashion divaness.

I may not. Depends on how I feel. Oh, wait. That’s right. I feel sucky. So, I probably won’t.

“Won’t you come closer…mmm…to me baby?…You’ve already got me right where you want me baby…How Does it Feel?”—D’Angelo asks me so sweetly.

Just right, D-baby. Just fine and dandy. Just keep on serenading me, sweets.


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