Thursday, October 07, 2004

Making up for future lost time

So, let's be frank (cause I hate being Judy)...I'm not gonna keep this rhythm of writing up. Did you know that I'm a horse? According to Chinese astrology it is in my nature to frolic/gallop from one pasture to the next.

So, what I'm doing now, by posting a million and three posts in a matter of hours, is saving up for the rainy days.

Okay, I'll be Judy.

So, anyway, here's my plan for today:

(1) Study schedule of classes
goals: to narrow down my choices to fourteen courses.
results: will help me determine if I can feasibly learn what I want to learn within a year's time of independent study.

(2) Buy stamps
goals: to mail my card to my friend, BK.

(3) Go to Kinko's
goals: make color copies of the design concept I'd created for my landlord's additional bathroom (that is currently in the middle of construction.)

(4) Go to Library
goals: update Diary/Blog

I can already tell you that I've invested in 20 stamps and mailed my letter. Number 2 is done and done.

The courses thing is well on it's way. I'll finish by tonight. I have to go to Kinko's after work, in the middle of rush hour traffic (blah) but it has to be done.

I mentioned earlier that I've been lazy for quite some time. I haven't been buckling down, so to speak. Mostly because I haven't been confident in the goals I've set for myself.

I'm at the point now where I've just gotta trust my gut. And, go for it. Treat my vision as if it is the right path for me. And, that means I have to get back into the groove of responsibility (aka brokeness) as I save up funds to take care of the other issues that are hindering credit...

But, I will not get into that right now. I will end with this warning: Beware credit card solicitors that slink onto college campuses with promises of bright, shiny things and free t-shirts.


At Thu Oct 07, 03:32:00 PM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

HI! Guess who?

Yup! This is Dominic Monaghan!

You are one bitchin babe, you know that!

You are are are hot....but you ain't mine...

Hows bout you and me having dinner next weekend.

GIVE ME A CALL! ---ciao.....

At Thu Oct 07, 05:34:00 PM PDT, Blogger anna nimus said...

Dear Dom,

I knew you it! You want me. Whew! Glad you've finally stopped playing hard to get. That priviledge should remain soley to us females.

P.S. I lost your number. Call me.


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