Friday, October 08, 2004

In Deep Doogie.

I just recalled something: Neil Patrick Harris as the Emcee in "Cabaret", the musical.

I wanted to record this memory while it still left the trace of a smirk on my face.

It was a Friday, I think. I went to New York for the weekend. I stayed in a hostel. I lost all my clothing in the taxi that brought me there. It rained as I walked to the theatre to present my SRO ticket.

I sat in the back. The very back of the massive, fully occupied room. The space was made up of reds and glittering glasses and it was so warm, the colors, the excitement of my first Broadway play.

My teeth chattered the whole time. I hadn't thought to buy an umbrella. But, I don't remember any chill. Except for at the thought at how amazing it was to be in the big apple, watching a classic musical, with the remarkably talented Doogie Howser as the provocative lead. He was so good. He can sing! And, he was able to pull off raunchy pretty well, too. Kind of attractive.

When I happened upon a pic of him in my local paper, wearing suspenders over his pale torso and red painted nipples...Can you possibly understand that I had to see that performance...?

And, that the wet clothes, and the lost clothes and the broken glasses and un-wonderful accomodations somehow made the trip that much better? How is that?

How is that?

Maybe it's the good bacteria of life. Or maybe it's more like the salt in icecream: Yeah...I can dig that: A kind of perfect imperfection that enhances the experience.

Thank God for it, and for coincidence and curious impulses.

Though, my next trip will involve a hotel room; And, maybe an umbrella.


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