Wednesday, October 06, 2004

I'm Sorry, I Didn't Hear You...I Was Talking to Myself

So, I was coming up the stairs to enter the library and I saw this lady kneeling in front of a child. The little boy was seated at the edge of the steps while the lady (his mother, I presume) patiently explained why he couldn't just rush up on strangers.

I walked by and looked and saw that he was looking at me.

Cute kid. But, then I realized that he didn't give a shit what she was saying. He was already distracted by a dread-locked headed stranger passing behind his mom.

I could probably offer him candy right now.

Or, maybe not. Maybe her important message got through to him. Maybe he's not a kid with the attention span of...well, a kid.

It's just funny to me how egotistical we all are. I know that sounds harsh after just talking of a child. But, I mean, I feel like when we're kids we're probably more purely who and what we are than when we've grown up and "found" ourselves. (Something I've yet to accomplish; I seem to be very good at hiding...)

Anyway, egotistical. What I mean is, it doesn't seem important to us until it involves us, or until it is our issue. And, then we cannot even fathom others not grasping the importance of said issue.

I'll admit, that's me. That was me when I was eight and my turn was skipped while we were playing kickball. (My fourth grade classmates still suck for that! They will pay...oh, yes.)

And, that's me now, when I'm at the office and am being piled up with work...interfering with my play time on the company's internet access. Don't they know that there's a message board that needs my rapt attention!?!

No, they do not. Because that would be bad. And, I would be fired. Then poor. Then homeless.

Or, actually, I'd be homebound, back to KCMO. My mom would love that.

She loves me dearly, you know. She tells me not to talk to strangers.

Honest to God...okay, I lied. She doesn't. But, she does fear for me (her only munchkin a.k.a. child) because I do talk to strangers. But, what else can I do? I'm alone in this big ol' bad state.
My grandmothers not in the woods, she's in Missouri. And, I left my red, hooded cape in the mid-west. So, all that leaves is the wolf.

And, unfortunately, I have no claws (tools which are pretty much a necessity out here).

Thank God this doesn't have to make sense.


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