Friday, October 22, 2004

The Bandwagon's Not So Bad

I heard William Shatner's version of "Common People." Fans of the group Pulp might already be acquainted with this not so itty bitty ditty. (I am admittedly ignorant of this band’s other musical accomplishments…but at least, now, I’m interested.)

Anyway, Will’s duet with Joe Jackson (whom I have recently come to adore!) is spectacular. I’m sure that this rendition of a pop song will become part of the menu for the coolest of outsiders. It will be adopted as a song that only the really unique and true aficionados of music can appreciate.

So, I’m bucking my own trend, by going with everyone elses. That still makes me a rebel, right? Sort of?

Not that I care what anyone thinks. Since I’m bad-ass, and all.

Truthfully, much of my enjoyment of the song comes from Will Shatner’s performance. I love him. He's my hero. And it has nothing to do with Star Trek. I love the fact that he always looks like he sees the potential punchline to some eternal joke; Like he’s just ready for a giggle.And his chuckling persona has got him giggling all the way to the bank. He’s snatched away the jobs of all his impersonators by taking on the task of impersonating himself in movies, commercials, music, whatever. And that’s led him to star in the new, (and very well received) television series “Boston Law.”

He takes chances. He follows his dreams. He risks the big belly flop.

Who can’t love that?!

Will, ya rock. Let’s do lunch.

As for your partner in crime, J.J., bring him along!

Jay Leno's Tonight Show showcased our favorite captain as he performed with the astonishingly intriguing Joe Jackson.

Known for hits like "Steppin' Out," (Quel Surprise!! I love that song [and am happy to be reminded of it.]) "Is She Really Goin' Out With Him" and "I'm the Man". Mr. Jackson is recognized as one of the faces of the pop punk sound that emerged in the eighties (a la Billy Idol? Would either of them be insulted by the comparison, I wonder?).

Now, an older gentleman; Pale skin; Large pink lips; Little hair; Slight frame; His dress is elegant/sharp. In between his turns singing he head bangs to the music or just moves with youthful enthusiasm. He is not an attractive person. But, is a wonderfully odd mix of outward characteristics.

I daresay that amongst a bevy of beautiful people, J.J. would steal the show. Well...after you got tired of the pretty faces, that is.

I wonder what he’s like in person;
I bet he's got stories to tell.

And what'd'ya know? He does.


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